Why is Instagram the best on social media?


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It has not come as a surprise at all that businesses are ditching traditional methods of marketing and investing more money in social media marketing. This business move has become inevitable as usage of social media has become an integral part of the consumers’ life. When a person is using social media platforms they don’t even realise that advertisements and paid content appear on their feed.  Unlike TV and newspaper, the target audience can’t shuffle the pages or change the channel on social media. Therefore, like it or not, paid contents on social media platforms are inescapable. Thanks to a huge global audience, social media marketing generates a huge return when invested creatively and thoughtfully.

With the new decade, there has been a surge in the number of social media networks. Almost all of them enjoy great popularity among the urban audiences who are mostly from the new generation or the millennials. However, if you are trying to find out which social media platform is best for both personal and professional use, the answer no doubt will be Instagram. 

In this article, we will discuss why Instagram is considered the best social media platform. Although Facebook boasts of more users than Instagram, it comes to ease of use and daily engagement of users and reaching the target audience while building a brand, Instagram is considered the best. Let us know why.

Factors that make Instagram the best social media platform

  • Has a better target audience

Instagram is mostly used by youths, among whom 70% are women who are labelled as impulsive buyers in the terms of the market because the youth of today have jobs at a very young age, they are independent and also have a lot of money to spend. If marketing strategies are used creatively with high-quality content in both audio and visuals, there can be a lot of traffic drawn to your business. 

  • Instagram allows you to build better content

You can build your brand image more creatively with the use of both images and content in Instagram than you could have done on your Facebook or Twitter handle. This is because in Facebook or Twitter a user might get distracted by the other features of the application such as links, sidebars, chat screen. But on Instagram, the 700 million active users are seeing only images and videos. Therefore, the interface is free from clutter which ensures better consumer engagement.

  • Users are very engaged on Instagram

Instagram currently boasts o00 million users. Not only are the users active, but tributes also spend a lot of time on Instagram. A picture or a post on Instagram receives more likes, comments and shares than the same post put on Facebook or Twitter. This is great for any business because comments on your business page or your link being shared ensures more user engagement on your page. 


Instagram is very sensitive about fake accounts and protecting the interests of the users. They make sure that your business gets a verified sign so that people can identify the brand and they are not frauded. This makes Instagram the best social media platform.

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